For the voice stars of the new Tinker Bell film "Secret of the Wings," the secret of success simply has been to grab hold of every opportunity you get to take part in a Walt Disney animated project.

"They really take care to put together a group of people that really love and identify with the project," said Tinker Bell voice star Mae Whitman. "They feel the heart in it. That's the most important thing to them, to make sure that love is conveyed in everything. It's so nice to be a part of it."

Whitman, who voices Tinker Bell in her fourth animated feature, told me in a recent interview that the opportunity to voice the character again was just as exciting as the first.

"I've been in the Disney family as a fan my whole life, so to actually be working with them again is so great. I love it so much," Whitman gushed. "Tinker Bell is a part of a legendary story and is such a legendary character, so I'm so happy to be a part of it. It's so wonderful to be a part of this wonderful legacy. It's one, hopefully, that will go on and on. "

New on DVD, Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray Tuesday (Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment), "Secret of the Wings" follows the warm fairy Tinker Bell on her daring adventure to the mysterious Winter Woods, where she soon discovers the winter fairy Periwinkle (Lucy Hale), a sister Tink never knew she had. But despite the sisters' love for one another, there's a fear that the siblings can't co-exist because their worlds are so different.

Introduced to the Tinker Bell franchise in "Secret of the Wings" is esteemed actor Timothy Dalton, who voices the Winter Lord, Milori, who tries to banish Tinker Bell back to her world -- without much success.

"He doing what he believes is right. He's looking out for the best interest of those young fairies. He is sort of their father figure and protector figure, and if we just left it with him, those worlds would stay separate," Dalton told me in a separate interview. "But those younger girls are driven less by sense and more the power of their love for each other, which is what drives the story forward. "

Dalton, of course, is no stranger to Disney tales, having voiced the stuffed, thespian hedgehog Mr. Pricklepants in the Oscar-winning Disney-Pixar feature "Toy Story 3."

He said the decision to voice Lord Milori for "Secret of the Wings" was an easy one because he knows what sort of heartfelt emotion the companies collectively bring to their movies.

"Disney and Pixar not only have it down in terms of talent and production, but they really know how to humanize their movies. They're about real human issues. 'Secret of the Wings' is not just cutesy animation. Those fairies are like real people," Dalton said. "The sisters' desire to know each other, pushing the boundaries of what's allowed and what's not allowed, in order to create their family, is amazingly human. And, the film has resonances on a metaphorical level that's much bigger: it brings opposites together and brings people together who are different."

Whitman said the most satisfying part of being a part of "Secret of the Wings" is that unifying factor.

"There's so much heart and love in all of them, and I think that's why the films translate across the board," Whitman said. "They affect viewers of all ages and every walk of life."

And with that heart, Whitman added, comes a beautiful message.

"In every single Tinker Bell movie I feel like there's a message that I'm proud to communicate with kids," Whitman said. There's also this message about this whole other world that the fairies don't know about and have written off due to fear, but Tinker Bell doesn't accept these negative judgments before she gets the information for herself. Because of that, she opens herself up to a whole new culture. It's a great message about asking questions and being informed, and not just making judgments about people based on fear."

Plus, Whitman admitted, she gets a big kick out of playing a girl with eternal spunk.

"I think Tinker Bell is such a strong girl, and is smart, independent and funny," Whitman enthused. "I love the story so much, its messages and everything about it. Tinker Bell never gets old. Every story is new."