End of the "argh"

Signature Pirate "argh" no longer allowed over P.A. system

The end of the "argh"

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - For years ECU Pirate fans grew accustomed to hearing a signature "argh" over the public address system after big Pirate plays at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium.

This year, the "argh" has come to an end.

ECU officials say Conference USA administrators feel having ECU PA announcer, Morgan Ahlers, is categorized as "cheering". They say PA announcers are required to be non-biased.

Officials say this is not a new rule. The conference is simply cracking down on it more than in previous years. "Uh, it's stupid (laughs). Makes no sense to me, you need a home field advantage," said ECU fans Tommy Huffman and Smiley Hendricks.

Fans and students are taking to social media, starting a movement to yell the "argh" themselves after big plays.

Conference USA officials say it's within the rules to have a pre-recorded "argh" broadcast over the loudspeakers. However, Ahlers is not allowed to be the one on the recording.

Ahlers says he has been doing the "argh" since 2006.

The Pirates are scheduled to face off against Virginia Tech at Dowdy-Ficklen Saturday at noon.

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