A Goldsboro woman appeared on FOX's American Idol Thursday night and amazed the judges.

"I was very happy when I got the golden ticket and came in and my friends, they were just standing there with tears in their eyes. They were really happy," York told Fox Network during an interview.

Rochelle York, also known as Majesty, sang "Violet Hill" by Coldplay and played the guitar during her performance in Atlanta.  It won her a "Golden Ticket" to the next round in Hollywood.

"The judges said that my voice and my presence was refreshing and that was like, I mean that meant the world to me. It really did because that's my goal," she explained during the interview.

York said she wants to not be influence by other people, but influence her viewers to be unique.

"I am the next American Idol because I am original, I’m diverse and I think American Idol will see that and grad hold of it immediately," York said.

American Idol airs on FOX Eastern Carolina every Wednesday and Thursday at 8 p.m.