ENC reacts to president's gun proposals

ENC reacts to Obama's gun proposals (Reporter: Jon Erickson)

PAMLICO COUNTY - A local gun store owner Wednesday stopped what he was doing and watched TV.

The president was on nearly every news channel, laying out new proposals for gun regulation in the aftermath of December's killing spree at a Connecticut elementary school.

"Our rights are not to be infringed," the owner, Bill Plumlee, said.

He owns Pro Gun & Outdoor Sports in Pamlico County's Bayboro.

"I think some of these proposals are infringements," Plumlee said.

Obama proposals include an assault weapons ban, limiting ammunition magazines to ten rounds, a universal background check for gun buyers, and increased funds for mental health.

Miles from the gun store, Rachel Parnell, chair of the Craven County Democrats, supports the president's proposals.

She referenced assault weapons, saying they're unnecessary.

"They're weapons of war," Parnell said.

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