Employee stabbed at Pitt Community College

Victim is home in good condition

Pitt Community College employee stabbed (Reporter: Michael Hennessey)

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - Pitt Community College Police say a college employee was stabbed on campus.

It happened just before noon on Saturday in the Kathryn V. Whichard building.

The building was supposed to be open only to art students and teachers so the students could work on their final projects.

Administrators say the victim, a college technical assistant, was overseeing the students when he came across two men who didn't belong there. The victim approached them, "asked them what they were doing and then they attacked him," said Susan Nobles, PCC Vice President of Institutional Advancement, "he did receive a puncture wound."

The victim then called campus police. The campus police building is located just a couple hundred feet from the Whichard building.

School officials say this is only the second time in about 20 years something like this has happened at PCC. "This is a very unusual situation for us. Doesn't mean we're not prepared for those situations, it's just we haven't had much of that in the past," said Nobles.

College officials say there are some cameras on campus, but not in the Whichard building. All buildings on campus can be accessed without a key during normal class hours.

PCC Police Chief Jay Shingleton said at this time "there's no plan for any policy changes, uh, I think we have things well it hand. It is a freak accident."

As far as adding more cameras or key access goes, Shingleton says it's "a fund issue so the more money we get, the more we'll do."

Students are feeling uneasy about the stabbing, like Freshman James Oliver, who said it makes him "a little bit worried that people are running around stabbing people. That's kind of scary. I would think coming to school would be safe, but I guess you never know nowadays."

Some students, like Chad White, say they're already taking precautionary measures. "There were a couple students here who are kind of afraid to come here at night," said White, "and we've been walking, like, we've been doing the buddy system here."

School officials say the victim is home and in good condition.

Campus police are still investigating.


Campus police are investigating a weekend stabbing at Pitt Community College.

Campus police reported that at approximately 11:50 a.m. Saturday, a male college employee working with art students on the second floor of the Whichard Building was allegedly assaulted by two unknown males on the first floor of the building, according to a college news release.

The employee confronted the attackers after finding them on the first floor, where no one was supposed to be at the time, a spokesperson said.

The employee is a technical assistant, a part-time, temporary employee; it's not known if the employee is a current student or not.

The victim's name was not available.

The Whichard Building is listed on the PCC website as a classroom building.

The attackers ran from the building, the victim told investigators.

The victim received a small puncture wound during the altercation and was treated for a non-life-threatening injury at Vidant Medical Center.

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