Emerald Isle lifeguards make six water rescues in two days

Emerald Isle lifeguards make six water rescues in two days

EMERALD ISLE - One person was rescued from the waters off Emerald Isle Saturday, and was taken to a hospital, according to lifeguards.

Five people were rescued Friday, but only two of those rescues were due to rip currents according to fire fighters.

Lifeguards on the island rescued two people from rip currents, one of the incidents happened at 3:40 Friday afternoon on 12th Street. A jet ski was dispatched from the fire department to retrieve the victim and the lifeguard who rescued them.

The three other rescues happened from the area between the beach and sandbars.

Luckily no one was hurt in any of the rescues and no one was taken to the hospital on Friday.

Emerald Isle Fire Department Lifeguard Lindsay Haynes said the most important thing people can remember when they're in rip currents is not to panic.

"Just kind of go with the rip current. You're going to feel like you're going out. You want to do that. Just go out and when you get to that point where you don't feel like you're being pulled out anymore. Then you can start to swim parallel with the beach," Haynes said.

Haynes said last summer she saved ten people and four this year, including a man Saturday morning. She said you could tell he had a hard time getting to shore so she jumped in to save him. Lifeguards said he was taken to Carteret General Hospital, but his condition is unknown.

Emerald Isle Fire Captain Strawser said this time of season is when the island sees the most rescues of the year.

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