Electrician found dead in Atlantic Beach

Raymond Adams, 56, was last seen alive by co-workers the day before.

ATLANTIC BEACH - Investigators are looking into how a man died while working on a dock in Atlantic Beach.

Jeff Harvey, Deputy Chief at the Atlantic Beach Police Department, says a body was spotted in the water around noon on Wednesday.  The body was floating near a dock in the 200 block of Bayview Boulevard in Atlantic Beach.

Investigators say Raymond Adams, 56, of Beaufort, was last seen alive by his co-workers the day before.  According to police, a construction crew was working on rebuilding a dock.  Adams, an electrician, was working on a boat lift.

"He was the last one to leave the work area yesterday," said Deputy Chief Harvey.  "When they came back this morning, everything looked like it was still in the same place."

Co-workers called 911 when they spotted the body.  Atlantic Beach Firefighters say Adams was deceased at the scene.  Authorities say the cause of death is unknown at this time, and it's unclear whether this was a health-related incident or a work-related accident.

"From what we could see overtly, it didn't look like any foul play," said Harvey. 

The cause of death will be released once an autopsy is performed.

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