Election opinions swirl as coffee is swilled

Election opinions swirl as coffee is swilled

NEW BERN - For some voters, comfort food is a relief to Election Day wounds.

That's the case at The Country Biscuit Restaurant in New Bern.

James Bateman was looking through the restaurant's menu Wednesday afternoon.

"I'm sorry Romney didn't win," Bateman said.

And Bateman is not alone at this spot, where opinions flow as freely as the coffee.

"I'm disappointed at the national level," said a voter named Pete.

Mitt Romney won much of eastern North Carolina.

Only Pitt, Martin, Bertie, and Washington counties returned a President Barack Obama majority in the NewsChannel 12 viewing area.

Romney won North Carolina overall, by fewer than 100,000 votes.

One voter at the restaurant said he was "at peace" with Obama's re-election.

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