Elderly woman is attacked by Pit Bull

Elderly woman is attacked by Pit Bull

MAYSVILLE, JONES COUNTY - A Pit Bull attacks and sends an elderly woman to the hospital. Jones County Deputies said the victim is 84-year-old Marcelline Jones.

The attack happened inside Jones' home on Jenkins Avenue in Maysville, according to investigators. The residence was also the home of Bethany Rhoades. Rhoades was the woman who was reported missing in February and found dead last week in Maysville. Bethany's partner Linda Pugh and her mother, Jones, still live at the home. 

Officials said Jones was home alone when a Pit Bull bit her twice, once in each calf. Larry Mattock, a family member of Jones, said the Pit Bull knew Jones for a long time. Mattock said he's surprised Bella, the dog who bit Jones, would attack anyone -especially Jones.

Mattock thinks Bella was probably trying to protect the other dogs in the home. There are nine dogs in the home, according to Mattocks. He said there has never been an issue with any of the dogs biting in the past. 

Officials are putting the Pit Bull in quarantine. Deputies said the Animal Crime Unit will be visiting the home to check on the welfare of the nine dogs.

Jones was taken to Onslow County Hospital and appears to be in stable condition, according to deputies.

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