Elderly Man Save Wife Then Dies

Deadly Weekend Fire Folo

KINSTON - In a matter of seconds, 67 year old Mattie Bell Fields' life was quickly turned upside down. Her home suddenly caught fire early Saturday morning. Her husband happened to wake up just in time

"He would call me pee wee, he said peewee get up i think the house is on fire," Fields said.

She ran out to get help, but for some reason 74 year old Richard Fields stayed behind.

"All of a sudden a big boom and that's when the fire came out," said Fields.

"I went back there and kept calling him and calling him. I waited for him to say something," she said. "I thought maybe I would hear him, [but] I didn't never hear him say nothing."

When fire officials were finally able to get inside they found him lying near the kitchen floor.

Amazed by her calm demeanor, I asked Fields how she was able to remain so strong.
Her response caught me off guard.

"I had done been through this one time, it was kind of frightening," Fields shared.

In 1961, she says she lost two small children in house a fire; an18 month old and a 3 month old. To lose her husband the same way, she says she has no choice but to remain strong.

Left with absolutely nothing, Fields now relies on the support from her children and neighbors, as she prepares for the day she never thought would happen this soon.
The day she would have to bury the love of her life for the past 52 years.

Investigators believe the fire started near a water heater and say it does not appear to be suspicious.

Fields' funeral is planned for Thursday.

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