ECU Student: Mom survived Sandy Hook shooting

Sarah Feinstein, an ECU student, is a very lucky girl.  Her mother, a Sandy Hook teacher, survived Friday's horrific shooting.

Feinstein spoke to The Republican, a newspaper in Massachusetts, about her mother's story.

"She was there," Feinstein said of her mother, Laura Feinstein, a special education and reading teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Investigators say Adam Lanza, 20, forced his way into the school and fatally shot 26 people, including 20 youngsters between the ages of six and seven.

"She lost six of her colleagues. She lost three of her students," Sarah, 21, said about her mother to the paper.  "She's just traumatized by it all," Sarah said.

The teacher called Barbara Halstead, a secretary in the school's main office, after hearing a series of loud bangs. "I called the office and said, 'Barb, is everything O.K.?' and she said, 'There is a shooter in the building,' " Laura Feinstein told the New York Times. "I heard gunshots going on and on and on."

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