ECU Identity Theft

PITT COUNTY - An extensive case of identity theft is plaguing East Carolina University. Hackers broke into the computers of the University Book Exchange in January, now hundreds of students have fraudulent charges piling up on their debit cards.

The cards affected are ECU's Higher One card and debit cards used at the University Book Exchange between January 7th and January 14th. Students we spoke to said their confidence is shaken with the store.

"This whole situation shouldn't have happened," ECU student Joseph Toma said. "They should have better protection for their credit cards, for the students and the people who put their trust in them."

Hackers have so far used students' card numbers to make purchases at stores from Best Buy to Dominos Pizza. Many of the purchases are being made in the Los Angeles area.

ECU's director of student financial services said students should not be alarmed. All Higher One cards have zero liability protection, which refunds card holders for all fradulent purchases.

If suspicious activity is detected on a Higher One account, students should immediately file a report on the company's website.

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