ECU fans red with anger after NC State midfield logo is unveiled

State logo closely resembles ECU's

ECU fans red with anger after NC State midfield logo is unveiled

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - ECU fans were up in arms over the weekend after NC State revealed their new midfield logo.

The reason? It looks a little too familiar.

ECU's midfield logo was ranked #2 in the nation by, finishing only behind LSU. Now ECU fans are saying their in-state rival has stolen their design.

The NC State midfield logo features the same basic ideas. The outline is in the shape of North Carolina and both logos feature the respective team's mascot. Needless to say, ECU fans were pretty upset. "I just feel like they're hating on us.," said ECU Junior Casey Roberts.

ECU Football Head Coach Ruffin McNeill reacted to the logo in a press conference Monday. He said somebody "kept tweeting me about 'thanks for sending the ground crew over there', or something. I dunno what they, what they mean by that." As for whether he took offense to State's logo design, McNeill said he thinks "imitation is the greatest form of flattering."

Fans say though NC State's logo may be an ECU knockoff, they're confident the Pirates are going to knock off the Wolfpack when the teams face off November 23rd. "We're gonna beat 'em. We're gonna stomp 'em into the ground," said ECU Sophomore Casey Johnson.

NC State fans fired back via the internet, saying ECU copied their mascot logo design in the 1980's.

ECU will travel to take on NC State the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

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