ECU conducting emergency alert tests

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - East Carolina University will conduct tests of the ECU ALERT emergency notification system from Friday into the weekend, according to school officials. 

According to a university release, the test, expected to last through Saturday, will assess multiple communication systems, including the ECU homepage, e-mail delivered to all accounts, indoor and outdoor loudspeakers, VOIP phone text and voice, SMS text messages, desktop pop-up boxes and digital signs on plasma screens.

All aspects of the ECU ALERT system will be tested at 9 a.m. Friday, the release stated. On Friday afternoon and Saturday, only the speakers will be tested.

People on campus will hear a verbal message by telephone and on loudspeakers, noting that it is only a test of the ECU ALERT emergency notification system.

Employees and students will also receive ECU ALERT test emails to university accounts, according to the release. Plasma screens located throughout campus will carry a test message. Users who have registered for ECU ALERT cell phone messages will receive one SMS text message on Friday.

Campus computer users are reminded that the university has a new pop-up notification system, AlertUs, that will fill the computer screen with the ECU ALERT message when activated. After the users have read the message, clicking "Acknowledge" will close the warning.

The test on Friday and Saturday will use the university's new emergency messaging system, Rave Mobile Safety.

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