ECU Board Approves Tuition, Fee Hikes

November 30, 2012 - In a unanimous vote Friday, East Carolina University's Board of Trustees recommended tuition increases for students, starting in the 2013-2014 academic year.

The board's recommendations include:
A $201 increase for undergraduate in-state students, bringing the total to $3,959;
A $214 increase for graduate in-state students, to $4,223;
A $500 increase for undergraduate out-of-state students, to $18,072;
A $700 increase for graduate out-of-state students, to $16,540.

Students at the Brody School of Medicine and ECU School of Dental Medicine will likely see tuition increases as well. The board requested an increase of $899 to medical tuition and $2,087 for dental.
The increases are expected to produce $5.9 million in revenue to pay for classroom instruction and infrastructure and student support operations at ECU. Of that amount, $1.2 million will go toward need-based financial aid for undergraduate students, and another $500,000 will pay for merit-based financial aid for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Increases to student fees were also approved at the Board of Trustees meeting Friday. Members approved a $40 increase to the education and technology fee, a $30 athletics fee increase and a $3 increase in graduation fees.

Each of the universities in the UNC system is expected to request raising tuition costs this year with one exception. Amounts range from a $100 increase at N.C. Central University to a $600 increase at UNC-Chapel Hill.
The UNC Board of Governors must approve any increase in tuition or fees

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