Eastern Carolina man guards President Kennedy's grave site

Eastern Carolina man guards President Kennrdy's grave site

LA GRANGE, LENOIR COUNTY - An Eastern Carolina man had the opportunity to serve President John F. Kennedy in a way not all Americans could back in the 1960s.

Daniel Boyette of La Grange served as an honor guard at Arlington National Cemetery for three years, starting in 1963.

La Grange joined the honor guard shortly after President Kennedy's death. Two weeks after the president was buried, Boyette guarded his grave site.

"It felt like I was going to burst," Boyette said. "It was a proud moment."

Boyette was 18 years old when he had the chance to stand by the grave site.

"You had to be picked," said Boyette when asked how he got the honor to join the Honor Guard and protect the grave site. "How I was picked, I don't know. I did what I was told and didn't ask many questions."

Boyette says guarding President Kennedy's grave site will be the most memorable experience he had serving in the army.

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