Eagle scout gives back to elementary school

Outdoor learning center takes students outside

Eagle scout gives back to elementary school

NEWPORT, CARTERET COUNTY - Second graders at Newport Elementary School are in their new classroom that's outside.

"These students are learning through observation by seeing the birds or they can see how stuff grows and get out of the classroom," said Brendan McKee, the young eagle scout who headed up the project.

The kids sit under the clouds in the breeze among the bird houses and box gardens.

"He just wanted them to have a place where they could go outside and observe nature.  Kids don't often get to do that today," said Paula McKee, Brendan's mother.

Each box garden is a learning tool for each grade, Pre-K through 5th.  All supplies were donated by the local community.

"They can do soil studies.  They can watch the plants evolve as they grow.  There's a multitude of things each class can do to achieve what they need to learn," said Paula.

Alongside the benches and box gardens, there is a weather vane, a sun dial, food for the birds and a chalkboard for the teachers.

"I didn't expect it to be this big.  All I was thinking about was a few benches, one garden and a chalkboard," said Brendan.

Nothing is too small for the growing mind.

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