DWI suspect accused of killing woman in hit-and-run

DWI suspect accused of killing woman in hit-and-run

ONSLOW COUNTY - Troopers say they've arrested a man accused of driving while impaired when he hit and killed a woman in Onslow County Sunday morning. The suspect then allegedly left the scene.

The Highway Patrol said 58-year-old Lannie Ivon Foy was driving his pick-up truck on Catherine Lake Road near Union Chapel Church Road, about 6 miles south of Richlands.

Meanwhile, 36-year-old Jamie Hurlburt, of Richlands, was walking on the road or on the shoulder, troopers said. She was wearing a black shirt and jeans.

Foy's Ford F-150 pickup hit Hurlburt as she was walking around a corner, killing her at the scene, said investigators. The crash was reported at about 3:12 a.m. Sunday.

But Foy continued driving for about half a mile until his vehicle became disabled, troopers said. He parked at a storage unit business, then got a ride home from someone else, according to investigators.

Deputies located Foy's damaged truck, and the Highway Patrol arrested him in his front yard in Maple Hill about two hours after the collision, said troopers.

Foy is charged with DWI, felony hit-and-run, and felony death by motor vehicle.

Trooper said they are still working to determine whether Hurlburt was walking on the road or on the shoulder when she was hit.

Hurlburt is survived by three children and a husband, who is an active-duty Marine at Camp Lejeune, according to family.

Witness James Tedrick said he saw both the suspect and victim at Country Saloon on Highway 111 Saturday night, just before the collision.

Tedrick, who lives next door to Country Saloon, had walked there to listen to karaoke. He said Hurlbert came in the bar at about 11:30 p.m Saturday. Tedrick had no idea he would be one of the last people to ever speak to her.

"She said she was from Tampa and was a diehard Gator fan like everybody else around here. She said she was looking forward to moving back down there soon because she knew a friend who has season passes so she can go to all the home games," said Tedrick.

Tedrick said he also saw the suspect, Foy, at Country Saloon that night.

"I left, it was about 10 minutes to 2. He was standing around. He wasn't doing much," said Tedrick.

A little more than an hour later, at 3:12 a.m. Sunday, a passerby called 911 to report the crash that killed Hurlburt.

Tedrick said it's odd knowing he was in the same place with both Hurlbert and Foy.

"It's weird you know, but what can you do?," said Tedrick. "You can go through all the what-if's. You know, what if I had stopped her? You know, what if I had known she was walking? You know, what if I had yelled louder to somebody to stop for, you know?"

Tedrick said the corner where Hurlbert was killed on will hopefully make people be more attentive to their driving.

"Maybe people will start slowing down for little while, but this has always been a dangerous road," said Tedrick.


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