Duplin residents react to effects of winter storm

Duplin residents react to effects of winter storm

BEULAVILLE, DUPLIN COUNTY - It's been several days since the winter storm hit Eastern Carolina, but we're still feeling its effects.

But there is one bright side, literally. The sun shined all day Friday, helping melt the ice and snow that's built up on the roads.

It makes it easier for those like Maureen Buchala to shovel their driveways.

"I had enough of this growing up," Buchala, of Beulaville, joked. "I'm glad to be outside. I see everything's going away."

She's seeing the sun -- and her neighborhood street -- for the first time in days.

"We've salted the main roads, but not these secondary roads," Buchala said. "We don't plow anything here [in the neighborhood] so you're stuck. Finally, it's melting out here on these smaller streets."

Police Chief Joey Carter is pleased with how quickly the department of transportation crews cleared the main roads like Highway 24. But the town is still waiting for plows to come through to clear those secondary roads. Overall, the storm wasn't as bad as Carter thought.

"If any good came out of this storm, we never lost power," Carter said. "I'm not worrying about people who may be without heat. That's a relief to all of us."

Buchala, too, is thankful to have had power after being cooped up in her home.

"But it's boring," she laughed.

But at least she had her parrot Long-John to keep her company -- who's also happy to soak up the sun.

Residents hope that with the warmer weather coming this weekend, the remaining ice and snow will melt away.

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