Drugs Being Investigated in Fatal Wreck Involving Pregnant Woman

SNOW HILL - A pregnant driver may have had Vicodin in her system when she crashed her SUV, killing her toddler daughter and an adult passenger , the Highway Patrol said. The driver's unborn child also died.

Macie Mooring, 19, of Goldsboro, was heading to a doctor's appointment in Greenville Monday afternoon,  Trooper Chris Kase said. That was when her SUV hydroplaned and crashed on Highway 258, north of Snow Hill in Greene County.

Mooring did not have alcohol in her system, Trooper Kase said. But investigators found prescription drugs , believed to be Vicodin, in her car. Troopers sent a bag of the pills to the S.B.I. for testing.

Mooring survived the crash with non-life threatening injuries. But the wreck did kill Mooring's daughter, 18-month-old Kaleigh Cooper, and Mooring's friend, 20-year-old Erica Jones, of Goldsboro. Mooring gave birth to her child at a hospital, who also died.

Jones' two children, a newborn and a toddler, survived the wreck. All the passengers were wearing seat belts when the SUV crashed, Trooper Kase said. Three of the four tires on the vehicle were bald, and probably contributed to the accident.

Mooring was charged with D.W.I., but other charges could be pending.

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