Downeast rec center in danger of closing

The Bridge Downeast in danger of closure

HARKERS ISLAND - The Bridge Downeast is in danger of closing. The rec center has been open for 18 months thanks to the building owner's generosity.

The facility is used as a place for young people in the Harkers Island area to have something to do and to keep them out of trouble.

"So, when we were developing this place and we were thinking about what we wanted it to do, we thought this is a bridge to a better life," Marilyn Springle, board member for The Bridge Downeast, said.

Law officials are also behind the service. Carteret County Sheriff Asa Buck said Harkers Island needs something like this to guide young people.

"The more we can do to keep our kids and our young people headed in the right direction, provide positive influences for them, and to help mold them into good citizens, that benefits everybody," said Buck.

However, it could soon close down if someone doesn't step forward to help out. The rec center has about 3 months left until it will be gone for good. Springle says it will take enough donations to buy the building, or a benefactor to keep the service going.

To donate, visit There you can find contact information for the organization.

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