DOT Battling Spray-Painted Phalluses

Craven County - There has been one distinctive design that has been popping up for the past few weeks along Hwy. 55 in Bridgeton and stretching over two miles across the Neuss River Bridge.

Kandace Bodice couldn't believe what she's seen.

"I've seen a couple of d*@$ on the building up there," said Bodie as she points to a scrap metal business with blurred out images.

The graffiti is on exit signs, guard rails, and even the walls on the Neuss River Bridge. More than a dozen pictures of male private parts have offended some like John Gilshian.

"I mean come on, that's ridiculous. That ticks me off, they aint got nothing better to do," Gilshian said

The Department of Transportation was not available for comment but did say this has been an ongoing problem. According to the DOT, crews are paid based on how long it takes to clean off the markings which can take anywhere between five minutes and four hours to do so.

People who live near the area say a foolish crime like this is a waste of time and the state's money.

"They should arrest them, fine them, and then make them paint all that stuff down, and pay for the paint; save the state money," Gilshian said.

For now the markings have been scrubbed off and painted over, giving drivers one less reason to blush.

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