Don't make these mistakes in this week's heat

EASTERN CAROLINA - Every time the thermometer climbs to 90° our bodies have a harder time handling the heat.

In fact, according to N.A.S.A., working in an outdoor temperature of 95° cuts your productivity by 45%. A separate study shows that working in a heat wave can boost your internal body temperature to a whopping 105°. Our bodies shut down and perish at 107.6°F.

The string of 90's this week isn't technically considered a 'heat wave'. According to the World Meteorological Organization a heat wave only happens if there are five back to back days where the high temperatures is a 9°F above the average. For many inland spots in eastern Carolina, our average temperature is around 87°. For this week to be a "heat wave" we would have to have temperatures of 96°F or hotter for five days straight.

Still, with each day this week in the 90's and afternoon relative humidities in the 50% range, we are in a 'high stress' category.

Be sure to hydrate. Coffee, soda, beer and alcohol aren't the best choice. These drinks actually act to dehydrate you.

Do not leave children or pets inside a car for any length of time. In just 20 minutes a car sitting outside in 93°F weather will heat up to 125°F. Dogs can die when their internal temperature hits 106°, children at 107°. Already this year 11 children have died from being trapped inside a hot car. 

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