Donald Trump Buys Mooresville Golf Course

MOORESVILLE - Donald Trump is buying a golf course in Mooresville for $3 million.

Members of The Point Lake & Golf Club approved the deal Thursday night.

People living nearby hope his influence will mean jobs and benefit other businesses as well.

Eric Trump, Donald Trump's son, said over the phone from New York that he expects to be in Mooresville on Monday to start work. He said the deal took about 18 months.

Donald Trump paid $3 million for the club but is expected to spend more than that on improvements.

"We're ecstatic," Maria Dunnigan, who lives nearby, said. "It's phenomenal. Mr. Trump is coming in to the Point and buying our Point -- we love it."

Dunnigan and her husband, John, said they hope their home value goes up.

Over the phone today, Trump all but guaranteed it will.

"We've seen at all our courses, historically, any houses in the surrounding area, even ones that weren't on the course, had a very large jump in real estate prices," he said.

Trump said there are other benefits as well.

Over the next year, he plans to lengthen and improve the golf course, make renovations to the club, and add two or three more tennis courts.

He said he expects to use local companies for much of the design and construction work.

"It's going to create a tremendous amount of jobs for the county," he said.

Trump said they are betting big on Charlotte recovering from the recession.

Mooresville Mayor Miles Atkins hopes all the visitors will mean more money spent locally.

"There's only one way to get into the Point and out of the Point and that's through the town of Mooresville," he said.

But first on the list is a name change.

Trump is renaming the Point Trump National Golf Club, Charlotte.

"As far as him calling it Charlotte, what difference does it make?" John Dunnigan said.

"Home values go up, I feel good."

Several Trump courses host PGA and LPGA events.

Trump said if the members support it, he would like to bring a high-profile event to the course in Mooresville.

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