Dog sniffs out bed bugs

1115 Bed Bug Dog (1)

Carteret County - Bed bugs have been on the rise in 2012 according to a report by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Bed bugs act like hitchhikers, steering towards warm spots near human contact. These bugs are only the size of an apple seed when full-grown, but completely transparent unless full of blood.

A local pest control company, Clegg's, has gotten exponentially more calls this year in response to bed bugs than the year before. Clegg's Pest Control has added a new member to their staff to help in the hunt, Rambo, a trained Chocolate Lab.

Rambo was selected carefully by a K-9 trainer in Greenville who also trains bomb and drug sniffing dogs. Rambo only responds to bed bugs. He now works with his handler, Tony Dobbs.

"He'll sniff everything out till he fins them, once he finds them he doesn't bark, he doesn't paw, he just sits down and just points with his nose," said Dobbs.

Rambo has been involved in about 1,000 bed bug calls since September according to Dobbs. The dog helps find the pests faster than by humans alone. Even if the bed bugs are dormant in walls for a year, Rambo is able to smell them.

To learn more about Rambo, check out his fan page on facebook.

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