Dog Freezes To Death, Woman Arrested

Trenton - A woman has been arrested after Deputies found one dog frozen to death. The investigation into the Comfort home began a week ago, when the dog was still alive.

Investigators say two pit bulls, named Hooch and Cissy, had no food, no water and barely any shelter. Jones County Sheriff Investigator Tom Labuda says both dogs were emaciated and Cissy didn't stand a chance against the freezing weather. On Wednesday morning her body was found by neighbor.

"It made me want to cry, because I felt attached to that dog too, because I had fed her and watered her and whatever I could do," said the neighbor who didn't want to give her name.

In the pictures taken by Investigator Labuda after Cissy's death, she appears to have collapsed onto the ground next to her make-shift shelter. Investigator Labuda is frustrated thinking about the suffering Cissy went through as temperatures dipped into the upper teens Tuesday night.

"It is the same thing a person would go through. They feel the same pain you and I feel," said Labuda.

The male pit bull, Hooch, survived and has since been taken in by another family member.

The owner, Jazmin Kimberlin, has been charged with animal cruelty. NewsChannel 12 went to her home and briefly spoke to her. Kimberlin denied the charges and referred us to her attorney before getting into her car and driving away.

On Kimberlin's Facebook page, under the album "the family pets" the are several pictures of Hooch and Cissy along with other dogs. According to Facebook dates the pictures were taken between January and April of 2011. Months before Investigator Labuda took the final pictures of Cissy.

"I gave up a long time ago asking the question why," said Investigator Labuda.

Labuda says Kimberlin claimed she was staying with family, but coming back periodically to feed and water the dogs. Though investigators say they don't believe that.

Kimberlin faces one felony count and one misdemeanor count of animal cruelty.

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