Dog Bites Child In the Face

Dog Bites Child In The Face

SNOW HILL - Greene County Animal Control officers said a dog that bit a child in the face is set to be put down Wednesday.

Greene County Animal Control officer Ray Johnson said Alexis Hernandez, 6, was bitten on August 15th by a stray dog on Amber Lane near Highway 903.

Officer Johnson said the injuries Hernandez has are some  of the worst he has seen. 

"The little boy came out, he had bite marks on his ear and this part of his cheek was tore. They had to put stitches on the inside and the outside of his mouth," Johnson said.

Hernandez was outside playing when the stray Labrador Retriever mix came up to him. Family members said the boy tried to play fetch with the dog.

Officer Johnson said the dog is too aggressive to be adopted and is being observed for rabies symptoms until he is scheduled to be put down.

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