Doc's Guns: ATF approved alleged Greenville shooter for gun

Gun store workers say they contacted ATF with Faust's application

Doc's Guns: ATF approved alleged Greenville shooter for gun

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - Employees at the store where alleged Greenville shooter Lakim Faust purchased a shotgun say the ATF approved the sale.

Documents show Faust was sold the gun on July 18th, 2012, just over a month before Faust was denied a concealed carry permit from the Pitt County Sheriff's Office.

Lisinda Flynn is a clerk at the Sheriff's Office. She says documents from Faust's past were the reason he was denied. Those documents show Faust was charged with 2 counts of attempted 2nd degree murder and 2 counts of attempted 1st degree murder stemming from an incident in Baltimore, Maryland.

However, those charges were brought when Faust was 14. Therefore, whether he was guilty or not wasn't available. "The charges were very concerning," said Flynn. "And if he were guilty of them he would most definitely not need to have a firearm."

Which raises questions as to whether or not the ATF saw the same documents as the Sheriff's Office. Flynn says the "dispositions probably would also not be available for the records that were ran for shotgun." That doesn't mean the ATF couldn't see the individual charges, though. It would be whether or not he was found guilty which would be unavailable.

Flynn says sometimes when charges are brought against juveniles they're assigned a number with the FBI. It is unclear as to whether or not that was the case for Faust. "That could explain why they didn't find anything. If he doesn't come up with an FBI number," said Flynn.

Flynn continued to say the fact that the charges even showed up in his records raised a red flag, for most juvenile records are blocked completely. "He had the juvenile charges that... I wouldn't give him a firearm with those charges," Flynn said.

We reached out to the ATF for comment, but are still waiting on a call back.

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