Disaster brings family together in clean up

Disaster brings family together in clean up

BEAUFORT COUNTY - A man who lost his home to a tornado found a way to look at the upside. He and his family let the destruction bring them together.

Blake Ballance said his grandpa, George Ballance, left his home only one hour before a tornado hit destroyed it.

"We were just so happy that he wasn't home because he probably wouldn't have lived," Blake said.

A tornado in Chocowinty destroyed Ballance's home Friday night, according to Blake.

"Just saw everything was gone. There were trees in the house. We just didn't know what to expect," Blake said.

Despite a destroyed home, Ballance was not without help. His children as well as his grandchildren all helped him clean up the tornado damage at his home.

Blake said his grandpa a good sense of humor. Ballance spray painted the words, 'Boat for Sale' all over a boat that got caught in a tree during the tornado, according to Blake.

"He thought it was funny to put the boat for sale," Blake said.

Blake said the boat grabbed the attention of many people passing by.

"'Just like how'd that boat get there?' They think we put it there, but the boat actually hit the tree," Blake said.

While the boat being for sale is a joke according to Blake, he said what really matters is that his whole family is okay and that they're able to help his grandpa clean up his home.

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