Dirt bike rider airlifted after accident

Dirt bike rider airlifted after accident

MAYESVILLE - A New York man is airlifted to a Pitt County hospital after crashing his dirt bike at the Jimmy Weinert training facility off Hwy 58 in Maysville. afteroon 

Alex Todoverto told News Channel 12 that he and his brother Stefan Todoverto traveled from Harriman, New York to train at the MX for the past two months.

Alex Todoverto said his brother {Stefan} was in the middle of doing a series of jumps Sunday afternoon. He said the 20 year old, somehow landed wrong on the last jump and was thrown from his bike. Todoverto said the fall knocked Stefan Todoverto out, giving him a concussion.

"It's kind of tearing," said Alex Todoverto.  "Then after he woke up I was happy that he's awake."

Totoverto believes his brother has a broken hip and elbow. He said his brother will be just fine, since this is not the first time either had been hurt.

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