Detective's Son Investigated After Service Weapon Used In Drug Holdup

AYDEN - Investigators say a Pitt County detective's gun was used in an Ayden drug robbery Wednesday evening.

The detective's son, Jason Craft, is now under investigation for stealing and selling the gun. Craft is in jail for selling stolen goods to an Ayden pawn shop, and has not been charged with stealing Detective Johnnie Craft's firearm at this time. But that charge may be coming soon, a Sheriff's spokesperson said.

Ayden Police say the gun was used Wednesday around 5:00 p.m. when three men held up a suspected drug dealer. The three individuals, Taybron Raheem, Mario Carmon, and Frederick Long face felony charges for using the detective's gun in the robbery.

Detective Craft reported his gun missing Monday. The Pitt county sheriff says Craft's son is also being investigated for allegedly stealing an assault rifle from a Greenville police officer's vehicle.

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