Destroyed cupcake shop donates to a needy family

Destroyed cupcake shop donates to a needy family

A fundraiser was held for a needy family at a cupcake store that had been destroyed by a car driving into it only a few days before.

Happy Cupcakes in Morehead City was open for only three weeks when a car drove into the store injuring four people.

Co-owner Angela Diaz said she's thankfully that it wasn't any worse.

"We had a bus load of kids an hour before. We also had a mom in here with her new born baby and 3 -year-old," Diaz said.

Long before the accident, Diaz said they had planned a fundraiser for a local family over Memorial Day weekend.

"One of the things that upset us right away was this was going to be such a big weekend. We were going to be really busy and would be able to donate all that money to them," Diaz said.

The owners were going to donate all their profits Saturday to Donvan Engelbrecht. Engelbrecht is a father of two with another child on the way. He was recently diagnosed with leukemia. Diaz they wanted to help with medical costs.

"So we thought lets at least do it in whatever way or capacity we can," Diaz said.

They decided to hold a silent auction Saturday with all the proceeds going to the family. All the items were donated by members of the community.

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