Despite ban, sweepstakes cafes fight to stay open

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -  It's been a year since the state Supreme Court has upheld a North Carolina law banning sweepstakes cafes.Despite the ban, sweepstakes cafes fight to stay open
But some of the places where people play fast-moving computer games that mimic Vegas-style slots are still open for business.
Over the last year, sweepstakes cafe owners have been charged with violating the law, but some have been acquitted of criminal charges.
And a few have turned to the courts for help, asking judges to issue orders preventing law enforcement from closing their stores.
Attorney General Roy Cooper says it's clear that sweepstakes cafes are illegal. But he says law enforcement is going to have to keep plugging away.
He also warned that the sweepstakes industry might not completely go away because they're trying everything to get around the law.

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