Deputy's Vehicle Burns In Own Driveway

Deputy's Vehicle Burns In Own Driveway Video

VANCEBORO - Investigators in Craven County are looking into what caused a deputy's personal vehicle to burn in his own driveway.

It happened around 2:30 Wednesday morning at the Deputy's home near Vanceboro. Investigators say the vehicle belongs to Craven County Jail Officer, Kirby Ford.

Ford was at work when the fire happened, but his wife, 18-year-old son and three year old daughter were asleep inside the home.

"They (dispatchers) asked me if I knew my house was on fire, and I couldn't believe it," Ford said. "They said, 'Well, we're talking to your wife on the phone right now.'"

Deputy Ford said his wife woke up before the flames took over the house, but the fire melted some of the siding off the back of the house. Graffiti was also spray painted in several areas on the back of the house, which shows someone was likely at the home.

"It's one of those things that always happens to somebody else and would never happen to you," Ford said. "It finally hit home."

Ford has worked at the sheriff's office since 2003. Deputies still cannot say if the fire was arson, but Ford said it's likely he was a target.

"I'm sure it puts me in some people's top five, doing what I do for a living," Ford said.

Investigators do not have any suspects at this time, but said the investigation is ongoing.


A vehicle went up in flames behind the home of a reserve deputy. 

This happened just outside of Vanceboro around 2:30 am. Wednesday, according to Craven County dispatchers. 

Fire officials tell us the blaze happened at 845 Purser Rd.

There were no facts on injuries or a motive. 

The investigation continues. 

We will continue to bring you the facts as they come into our newsroom.


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