Deputy put back on training after controversial YouTube video

Deputy put back on training after controversial YouTube video

ONSLOW COUNTY - An Onslow County deputy will be put back on supervised training after a YouTube video was posted showing her handcuffing a man, even though he was not accused of a crime," Sheriff Ed Brown announced Wednesday.

The video, posted by Carlos Miller of Photography is Not a Crime (PINAC), shows Deputy Natalie Barber outside Marine veteran Carlos Jaramillo's home west of Jacksonville Saturday. Jaramillo told PINAC that Barber came to his home because of a dispute he had with his neighbor over their dogs.

(CLICK HERE to view the full YouTube video, posted with permission from Carlos Miller of Photography is Not a Crime).

In the video, Deputy Barber can be heard asking for Jaramillo's driver's license. But Jaramillo said he was not operating a vehicle and gave his Veteran Affairs card to Deputy Barber instead.

The video shows Deputy Barber raising her voice and demanding Jaramillo to put his cell phone down, as he was recording video of the encounter on his front porch. Barber then took the cell phone from Jaramillo and put him in handcuffs.

"I actually felt threatened when she raised her voice," Jaramillo told NewsChannel 12.

The video also shows Barber taking the phone of Jaramillo's son as he tried to record the incident.

"I just know my rights were violated and my son's rights were violated," said Jaramillo. "There was a lot of stuff that could have been done differently."

Barber later placed Jaramillo in the back of her patrol car.

"Carlos was yelling that he didn't do anything to be under arrest," Barber wrote in her incident report. "I told Carlos he was not under arrest, but he was causing a commotion and disrupting me from doing my job. I told Carlos he was going to sit in my car until I was done."

Barber wrote in her report that after taking down the driver's license information of Jaramillo's wife, she let Jaramillo out of the patrol vehicle and took the handcuffs off him. Jaramillo was released without charges.

Sheriff Brown said Wednesday that he has since reviewed the video and talked with Jaramillo over the phone. Sheriff Brown released the following statement:

"I agree that Deputy Barber was very zealous in her action toward the complainant and she is gratefully sorrowful for that. The complainant was passive and did not display forceful resistance.

"Deputy Barber did raise her voice at the complainant and did handcuff him which I contend was not in order, but Deputy Barber never once pushed, snatched, assaulted, or showed any other forceful acts of aggression toward the complainant."

Due to this incident, Sheriff Brown said he will assign Deputy Barber back to direct one-on-one supervised training for at least six weeks. The training will be focused solely on handling civil disputes, laws of arrest, and the scope of authority for law enforcement, Sheriff Brown continued.

"Deputy Natalie Barber is a fine deputy who had recently been released from the Sheriff's Office Training program (16 weeks) to work without direct supervision," Sheriff Brown said in a statement. "Deputy Barber is a military veteran and is a law enforcement officer certified by the state of North Carolina."

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