Deputies: Thieves caught red-handed by an off-duty police officer

Deputies: Thieves caught red-handed by an off-duty police officer

JONES COUNTY, TRENTON - Deputies said they caught two breaking-and-entering suspects in the act.

Investigators said, Chad Randall English, 24, and James Lee Rouse II, 44, were caught by the homeowner's brother, who just happens to be the Pink Hill Chief of Police Joey Thigpen. He said after he went inside he quickly realized the suspects were living in the home.

"Turned out to be these guys were coming and going as they please," Thigpen said.

Investigators said the off-duty officer called to report a breaking-and-entering in progress at a home on Hwy. 258 in Jones County last Friday.

Thigpen said his sister had not stayed in the home for a few weeks, and when a family member went to check on things, two cars were parked in the backyard.

"I think they [the suspects] said that they didn't know anyone was living here, which I mean what gives you the right it's still breaking and entering either way," he said.

Thigpen said when deputies entered the home they found one man lying on the floor. He believes the two suspects were staying there for at least a week.

"Most of the time its way back in the woods somewhere, where no one goes and checks but to be on a main highway, I mean it's like they wanted to get caught," he said.

Jones and Lenoir County deputies arrested the two men and seized two trucks loaded with stolen property.

The suspects were charged with felony breaking-and-entering and felony larceny. Both men are free on bond and awaiting trial.

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