Deputies: Teens arrested for allegedly shooting into occupied apartment

Deputies: Teens arrested for allegedly shooting into occupied apartment

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - Onslow County deputies have arrested two men who they say are involved in an apartment shooting with several people, including a baby, inside.

Alex Phan, 18, and Christopher McComas, 18, are accused of shooting into an apartment on Aragona Boulevard in Jacksonville on Friday, December 20.

Victim Rashad Cooper was sitting in his girlfriend's apartment with his baby daughter in his lap in the living room.

"I just heard this boom -- you know, a gunshot," Cooper said. "First thing I did was just sit still, wait for the gunshots to stop."

Cooper was visiting his girlfriend and their daughter on friday. Just after noon, shots fired through the back window in the kitchen.

"Luckily, everything in the kitchen was kind of in the way," said Tiara Rankin, Cooper's girlfriend. "Nothing came through the walls, except the bullets up there [near the ceiling]."

Cooper says he only met the two suspects on different occasions and in passing. He says McComas was the shooter, and that Phan was driving the getaway car.

"I see him walking with the shotgun," Cooper said. "That car was parked down here by this fence. You can see the fence from here. When they see me come out of the front door, he got in the passenger's seat, and they did a U-turn."

Cooper says a maintenance man saw the commotion.

"We're running after the car, we get to the corner, and the car made a left, so that's when he got scared and threw the shotgun, and I'm just like what?"

Investigators arrived, collected evidence and tracked down the suspects.

NewsChannel 12 reached out to family of both suspects, but neither wanted to comment. McComas briefly denied the accusations, saying he got involved with the wrong crowd.

Just a couple of days later, Cooper noticed a message written in pen on the board that's covering his shattered window. It reads, "Watch your back, watch your family."

Cooper says he has a drug-related past, but he joined the Marine Corps, deployed several times and was discharged in 2011. He is now a father, moved on from that past, and isn't sure why he'd be targeted.

Deputies say the shotgun used in the crime was reported stolen. No one was hurt in the incident.

Both are charged with possessing a stolen firearm, discharging a firearm into an occupied dwelling, and conspiracy.

Phan is still in the Onslow County jail with a $125,000 secured bond. McComas is out on a $75,000 bond.

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