Deputies: Teen cuts stepdad's brake lines, starts fires

Deputies: Teen cuts stepdad's brake lines, starts fires

CRAVEN COUNTY - A Craven County teenager is accused of cutting the brake lines of his stepfather's vehicle and setting fire to several family buildings.

Joshua Lowery, 19, is charged with two counts of burning other buildings and one count of injury to personal property; he remains in the Craven County jail.

Lowery began a three-day tear of crime last Tuesday, according to deputies.

That's when he cut the brake lines on his stepfather's pick-up truck Tuesday.

The stepfather, Kenneth Reason, found the damage before getting on the road, authorities said.

Lowery then lit a barn on fire Wednesday, before setting a separate barn on fire Thursday; both buildings are at the family's Old Cherry Point Road home, where Lowery lives with his mother and stepfather.

Deputies arrested Lowery this Tuesday.

Lowery's mother said this sort of behavior is unlike her son, and he will be getting help.

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