Deputies Seize Synthetic Marijuana At Tobacco Store

GREENVILLE - Pitt County undercover deputies arrest two employees for allegedly selling synthetic marijuana at a Greenville tobacco store.

Sheriff Neil Elks said the Friday bust follows a six-week long investigation by deputies at the Tobacco Outlet off Greenville Blvd. 

Deputies have arrested and charged Daifallah Saleh Abdulla, 21, with trafficking by possession of synthetic marijuana and maintaining a dwelling. Kenneth Parmer, 35, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor possession with intent to sell synthetic marijuana.

"These products are definitely illegal. Some kids may want to come in and try it, you know, because it appears to be marijuana and they think it's cool but it's actually synthetic. We've had it tested and it is a very dangerous drug; it gives you the same effects as real marijuana does," Elks said.

Elks said the synthetic marijuana was sold in incense packets for $20.

K-9 units were on the scene as investigators gathered evidence, drug paraphernalia, bongs and hookahs that total about $20,000.

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