Deputies: Runaway teens found in Maryland

HYATTSVILLE, MD. - Two Eastern Carolina teens, who deputies said stole a car and ran away, have been found in Maryland, according to investigators.

Briana Boyd, 14, of Chocowinity, and Dustin Campbell, 15, of Greenville, were found in Hyattsville, Md. by Prince George's County Police. Investigators did not release any other information on how the teens were discovered.

Boyd was at her grandparents' house in Vanceboro early Sunday morning, when she stole their Chevrolet Blazer, according to family. Boyd and Campbell then drove off together, deputies said. The two teens had been a couple for about four months, family members told NewsChannel 12.


The Craven County Sheriff's Office is looking for two teenagers who are on the run.

"I come out and looked and the blazer was gone, and then, I woke her grandmother up and said, 'look Brianna and the blazer are both gone," said Lewis Barnes, the teen's grandfather.

Brianna's mother, Jayme Turner, said she was shocked when she discovered Brianna was gone. She said neither she nor the family saw it coming.

"I just couldn't believe it. I didn't expect anything like that from her. She's a straight A and B student and never gave me any trouble at all," said Turner.

Both families said the thing that worries them the most is the two are on the road driving a car without a license.

"They have no money, no food- only that truck. That truck is going to run out of gas sooner or later. There's no telling where they're at or what situation they're in," said Shannon Megibbon, Dustin's stepmother.

Megibbon said she noticed the front door of their home was unlocked and thought Dustin had just stepped outside. She said the family didn't know what happened until the sheriff's department knocked on their door.

"I don't know why children do the things they do but I just pray he's okay," said Dustin's father, Mark Campbell, with tears in his eyes.

Both families said they will continue to call the teens' cell phones, just hoping they pick up and want to come home.

Turner said the Craven County Sheriff's Office has tracked the pair's cell phones in Virginia and has contacted authorities there to help with the search.

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