Pitt County Sheriff's deputies scoured hallways of a local school practicing taking down bad guys.

Law enforcement agencies credit their training for active shooter situations for the quick response to the Greenville shooting by alleged suspect Lakim Anthony Faust. They stress continuing that training is crucial to preventing active shooter situations in the future.

Tuesday they were at South Central High School practicing such situations. Sergeant Ray Smith of the Pitt County Sheriff's Office says these exercises "provide a realistic approach. We're in hallways in schools that we need to be in so we know the layouts of the schools."

Officials say these training sessions are as close as they can get to actual active shooter episodes. "What we're trying to do is see if the officers can focus and work through these problems during the training," said Captain Jim Marsal of the Pitt County Sheriff's Office.

"I think the recent events in Greenville show us and the community how important active shooter training is for law enforcement," said Smith. Officials say practicing these situations keep deputies from forgetting their training. "This would be on the top of the priority list as far as training for us," said Smith. "Any kind of training, if you don't do it at least annually, you tend to lose the freshness of the training."

East Carolina University Police are scheduled to conduct their own active shooter training at their campus this Thursday afternoon at 1.