Deputies: Pit Bull Bites Child

PITT COUNTY - Authorities are investigating the case of a pit bull biting a 3-year-old child.

It happened in Pitt County, on Spains Lane near Grimeland, according to a Pitt County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman.

Yadira Suaco wandered into a neighbor's yard around 9 p.m. Sunday, the spokeswoman said.

The neighbor's dog was chained, and authorities say that when the child got close enough, the dog bit the child on the ear.

"My baby sister was saying my ear hit ear hit repeatedly," her older brother, George, said.

Yadira had to get three stiches in her ear and three shots to prevent possible rabies.

"My baby sister might got killed by a pit bull. I mean she was literally this close to getting torn into little pieces," George said.

Yadira's mom said she was taking out the trash when her daughter apparently walked out behind her and wandered into her neighbors yard.

"She heard my baby sister scream and from her scream she came and looked and she was like all sandy and grassy all over her," George said.

However, it wasn't until she got Yadira nside in the shower that she saw the bite mark.

The dog owner, who wanted to be known only as Martin, doesn't speak English so George translated on his behalf.

"He said the dog was in the tree but he couldn't get all the way around it. He got tangled up," George said.

That's when the owner said he saw his dog named Peewee jump on the little girl.

"He said he went and took him for a walk and then gone ahead and tied him back there," George said.

Rescue crews took Yadira to the hospital she was quickly released.

Animal control picked up Peewee Monday morning and he will be in quarantine for 10 days. The dog owner will have to pay 135 dollars for the session, which includes a rabies vaccination because the dog had never had any shots, according to the owner.

Animal control said if the owner wants the dog back he has to pick him up immediately or the dog will be euthanized.

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