Deputies: Man says he was robbed and forced to drink rat poison

Deputies: Man says he was robbed and forced to drink rat poison (Reporter: Amanda Brannon)

PITT COUNTY - Pitt County Sheriff's Office is investigating a man's claims that he was robbed and forced to drink rat poison.

PCSO's public information officer, Christy Wallace, confirms it happened around 10:20 Sunday night.

27-year-old Asiel Benitez told authorities through an interpreter he had just left Joe's Country Mart and was walking home near the 1600 block of Debsan Circle, outside of Greenville, when he was approached by two men.

Benitez told the hospital interpreter the two men requested money and asked to use his cell phone. When he refused, two more men approached and he said they forced him to drink what he believes was rat poison. The men, one allegedly armed with a three-inch knife reportedly made off with five dollars in cash and a cellphone, according to Wallace.

However, the story doesn't end there. The hospital called the Sheriff's office to investigate. When detectives arrived with their own interpreter, the alleged victim changed his story a bit.

"The alleged victim in this case gave a different scenario," Major Paula Dance said.

A woman living in the mobile home park said her neighborhood has seen its fair share of crime.

"You got more robberies around here. You got more people trying to break into store around here. Just different things are happening and a lot of it isn't getting reported," she said.

"Generally when people are robbing someone, it's a quick in and quick out. You don't find them sticking around long enough to make sure someone drinks some form of poison during the course of a robbery," Major Dance said.

While the sheriff's office may consider this a unique case, deputies will continue to follow leads as they come.

"Until we locate the victim and he comes forward ...We're pretty much at a standstill," she said.

You are asked to contact CrimeStoppers or the Pitt County Sheriff's Office if you can offer any more information.

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