Deputies: Man arrested for racially-motivated threats of violence

Deputies: man arrested for racially motivated violence threats

NEWPORT, CARTERET COUNTY - A man was arrested Friday for allegedly threatening to kill a black woman by slitting her throat or hanging her.

According to a police report and warrants, Thomas Michael Call Jr., 39, drove to a home on Gales Creek Road in Newport. Warrants state Call got out of his car and approached a group of people standing outside. He asked the man who owns the home, Mark Muench, to give him a knife so Call could slit the throat of a 47-year-old black woman who was nearby with her children, according to police.

"The mother of the two kids over there was standing in front of that truck, so I thought she heard everything," Muench said. "I said 'Tommy, we don't need this,' then he said 'get me a knife, I'll cut the **** black ****... cut the **** black throat.'"

Muench said he didn't give Call a knife. Instead, Muench's mother called 911. According to the police report, Call got back into his van to leave but told the group he was going to get a rope, put it around the black woman's neck and hang her.

Muench said Call was very drunk.

When deputies arrived at the home, Call was gone. However, a person driving down the road said they saw Call's van heading south on 9 Mile Road towards Highway 24.

Call was arrested by police at Lowe's in Cape Carteret. Police charged him with DWI and DWLR. Deputies arrived at the Lowe's and questioned Call.

According to the report, Call wouldn't tell deputies what happened on Gales Creek Road. However, the report states Call repeatedly announced that he "hated black people."

Call was taken to Carteret County Jail under a $3,000 bond. He's charged with Communicating Threats, Ethnic Intimidation, DWI, DWLR and Possession of a Schedule VI.

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