Meth lab suspect appears in court on felony charges

POSTED: 4:00 AM Dec 24 2013   UPDATED: 7:00 PM Aug 23 2013
Jeffrey Scott Wiggins

A man accused of running a meth lab in Jones County faced a judge Friday morning.

Jeffrey Scott Wiggins, 27, had his bond set to $300,000 on a slew of felony drug charges.

Deputies said they initially went to Richlands Road in the Comfort area Thursday afternoon to arrest Wiggins on a failure to appear notice for unrelated charges. But when investigators arrived, they found a meth lab in a shed behind the home, deputies said.

Wiggins' aunt said he had been seeking treatment at a local hospital.

"He was trying to get straightened out I think," Audrey Register said. "He was going to the hospital. So, I guess he was taking classes."

Wiggins had been under investigation for two to three months, according to deputies. Part of that investigation had to do with the purchase of certain drugs.

"He had been maxing out on his purchases of [Sudafed]," Jones County Sheriff Danny Heath said. "The chemicals they put in this stuff, any sane person it would not cross their mind to put this into their body."

The suspect was charged with the following felonies:

Wiggins has no prior meth charges, deputies said.

"Don't just put him in jail. Get him some help," Register said. "That's what they need, some rehab, some help. Because I don't care who it is. If they get out, they're going to do it again."

Officials with the State Bureau of Investigation helped clean up the scene. Sheriff Danny Heath said this is the fourth meth lab found in Jones County this year.