Deputies identify suspect in internet cafe armed robbery

ONSLOW COUNTY - UPDATE: The Onslow County Sheriff's Office issued a warrant for Deontre Randall Tuesday night.

Officials said he was involved in an armed robbery Monday night at the Lucky Time Internet Cafe on U.S. 258 Richlands Highway. Randall should be considered armed and dangerous, said deputies.

Investigators said there likely will be another warrant issued for the arrest of a second suspect.

PREVIOUS STORY:Deputies say they are investigating an armed robbery at an internet cafe in Onslow County.

According to the Onslow County Sheriff's Office, two black males armed with a handgun robbed the Lucky Time Internet Cafe, on U.S. 258 Richlands Highway, at about 11:30 p.m. Monday.

At least one employee was inside at the time, but no one was hurt, said Sheriff Ed Brown.

A witness who lives near the crime scene says the armed robbery is a little too close to home for comfort.


Monique Patterson knew something was going on when her friend came over to her place last night and alerted her that law enforcement was outside.


"She's like I think someone just got robbed or I think someone just got hurt and I was like wow-shut my door and locked it," said Patterson.


She says about two weeks ago she started to feel uneasy when she began to notice strange men she'd never seen before, walking around her neighborhood.

Patterson says the night of the armed robbery, she approached two black males dressed in black hoodies because they were walking behind her home shortly before law enforcement came on scene for the armed robbery.

Now that the armed robbery has taken place just down the street, it's making her feel uncomfortable.

"I watch the news all the time but it's not so close to my home so it's like when it comes close to your home then it's different. You have to worry now," said Patterson.


Sheriff Brown says today his team is out investigating the area, looking for the suspects.

"The investigation started with the initial call and will continue until someone is arrested in the case," said Brown.


There was no word on how much money was taken.

Anyone with information can call the Onslow County Sheriff's Office at 910-455-3113.

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