Deputies: Four busted in meth operation near Maysville

Deputies: Four busted in meth operation near Maysville

ONSLOW COUNTY - Onslow County deputies say four people have been arrested after being involved in a meth operation.

Investigators say they found a large meth lab near a barn on the 1400 block of Deppe Loop Road outside of Maysville on July 17.

"Depending on the amount of the drugs that were found, it could take this operation into a bigger deal," said Ed Brown, Onslow County Sheriff.

Brown says Ashley Moyer, Tyler Allan Davis, Marshall Edwards and Vincent Dipietro were in on the operation. Warrants show they had in their possession sulfuric acid, lithuim and pseudoephedrine and other materials used to make meth in their car and at the barn.

Brown says deputies pulled them over initially and then were led to the lab. Edwards' mother says the group just got caught up in it all, not knowing the seriousness of their actions.

"In most cases that we've had dealing with meth, they don't take anyone into consideration -- children, older folks, or not anyone, even themselves," Brown said. "It's a careless and reckless disregard for the health and wellbeing of anybody."

Brown says Onslow County has one of the highest concentrations of meth labs in Eastern North Carolina.

"We've got an epidemic problem not only in Onslow County, but in this country with meth, meth labs," Brown said.

Court records show that the group made their first appearances in court Tuesday morning.

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