Deputies: Family chases suspects who try to rob home

Deputies: Family chases suspects who try to rob home

GRIFTON, LENOIR COUNTY - Four men are under arrest after deputies say they forced their way into a home, held several children at gunpoint, and then fled from the scene, only to be chased by their victims' family.

Deputies say three men went into an unlocked home on the 2600 block of Canady Road in Grifton at around 6:30 p.m. and held the occupants and children at gunpoint. Deputies say they forced the children to the floor and tried to remove a small child from the couch.    

"They pulled a gun on my niece, my nephews and my daughters. They're putting it to their head, their stomachs, throwing them on the floor saying don't move," family member Augusto Vazquez said.

One of the children ran to alert its parents, who were cooking with relatives in another room and didn't even know the suspects were in the house.

"We hear the kids screaming loud, so I get in the house and I see two people with guns and bandana's and hoods," Vazquez.

When the parents confronted the suspects, deputies say they ran to a Mitsubishi driven by a fourth suspect.

Relatives in the home chased the suspects through heavy rain for seven miles to Grifton-Hugo Road, where deputies say the Mitsubishi hydroplaned and lost control, stopping in a house's front yard.

"All of them got out of the car and started to run. So I said hey stop I'll shoot you, I'll shoot you. I ain't got no gun but what I thought at the time, I'm going to shoot you," owner of the home Corrando Chandoc said.

Chandoc said two of the suspects got on their knees and pleaded with the family to let them go, while the others ran off.

"Oh I'm sorry. I apologize, I apologize and they get on their knees. Please don't call the law, I said man the law is on the way," he said.

Deputies say the relatives held two of the suspects until law enforcement arrived, while the other two ran into the woods.

Deputies say the two were found 20 minutes later at an intersection near the accident scene, without their shoes and covered in mud.

The suspects are Marquise Clark, 20, Jajuan Hubbard, 24, Sylvester Arrington, 25, and Fernandez Mills, 20. All four are from Kinston.

They are each charged with burglary, kidnapping, and conspiracy, and are held under a $200,000 bond each.

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