Deputies called to check on children, find meth lab

Deputies called to check on children, find meth lab

GRIFTON, LENOIR COUNTY - A meth lab was discovered in Lenoir County, according to deputies. The incident happened at a home on Tick Bite Road. The home is located on the Lenoir County side of Grifton.

According to deputies, they were originally going to the home to check on a child endangerment case. Social Services requested for narcotics detectives to assist with the complaint.

"It's a terrible situation for a child," Chris Hill, Lenoir County Sheriff, said.

Investigators said two children were living in the home, a 9-month-old baby and a 9-year-old child. The children were not in the house and were safe with a family member, officials said.

Anthony Everett, 28, and Ashley Gower, 26, were arrested. They were both charged with possession of schedule 1 controlled substance and felony neglect of children.

When asked if he was surprised, Norman Dins, a neighbor, said "No, they've been doing it a long time."

Other neighbors said they were not aware of any drug problems at the home.

"I've seen a lot of fighting and fussing and screaming," a neighbor who did not want to be identified, said. The neighbor said she had never seen drugs at the home.

"I hope the two get the help that they need so they can get everything back together again for the kids," the neighbor said.

Everett and Gower were taken to the Lenoir County Sheriff's Detention Center and put under a $100,000.00 bond.

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