Deputies: Bicyclist targets neighbors in break-ins

Deputies: Bicyclist targets neighbors in break-ins (Reporter: Jon Erickson)

FAIRFIELD HARBOUR, CRAVEN COUNTY - A resident allegedly rode his bicycle to propel his thefts from neighbors in the Fairfield Harbour community in Craven County.

David Pollak lives on Crows Nest Court, not far from his alleged targets on Brig Court, Mona Passage Court, and Cara Cara Drive.

Deputies charged Pollak with several counts of breaking and entering and larceny.

Sheridan Willner's watch was stolen in one of the bicycle bandit's outings, deputies said.

"You could see the bicycle tracks in the grass," Willner said.

Pollak's criminal bike rides went on for months, according to deputies.

He was arrested Friday.

In a statement, Craven County Sheriff Jerry Monette wanted to thank theĀ  "residents of Fairfield Harbor for their help with information that ultimately led to the break in the case."

More charges could be filed against Pollak, investigators said.

A search of Pollak's home yielded many of the stolen goods, investigators said.

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